Phan Luong

Dancer Phan Luong was born in 1985. In 2004, after graduating from Vietnam Academy of Dance, Phan Luong won a scholarship and became a student of Hong Kong Academy of Arts. In 2006, he continued to receive scholarships and attended Alvin Aley School, USA. In 2010, he studied at the Military University of Arts and Culture. He participated in a number of Vietnamese dance works such as: Ancient love story, Quan Am Thi Kinh, Truong Chi, The Farewell in Red, Light Source, the immortal moment. In addition, he also takes on the main and secondary roles of many ballet, including: Giselle, Carmen, Swan Lake, Spartacus, Nut cracker, … In addition to the ballet genre, he also has important contributions in the works of Contemporary like: Black Water, Lighted, Virgo, Heart of silk, Amnesia, Bamboo Rain, The four sacred creatures: dragon- unicorn – turtle- phoenix , Secret Garden, Minus Signal, Death and the maiden, Moments, Firefly Season ….
Van Luong has worked with many foreign directors and choreographers, such as: Pontus Lidberg (Sweden), Bertrand D’at (France) Frank Andersen (Denmark), Anna Konjetzky (Germany), UMa (Switzerland), Colin Peasley (Australia), Sasha Evtimova (Belgium) …
He also practiced and performed with many foreign theaters and companies such as Hong Kong ballet, Expression Company in Australia, Swedish Skanes danteater, Anna Konjetzky (Germany).
From 2012 to 2015, Phan Luong is the representative of Vietnam to attend the Asian Dance Festival.
In 2014, he was the only representative of Vietnam as a member of the Asian Dance Group established by the Asian Dancing Association.
In 2016, he was awarded the title of Emeritus Artist.

Now he is the Deputy Head of Dance Group of Vietnam National Opera and Ballet.





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