Paradiso dell’opera by VNOB

La Traviata is a story about a young man from a powerful family from Provence (Alfredo Germont) who falls in love with a rich prostitute (Violetta Valéry). The father (Giorgio Germont) interfered in this love affair to protect the family’s reputation leading to a misunderstanding, causing all the characters involved to make mistakes, and in the end Violetta died in Alfredo arms.

La Traviata opens and is the most representative of the musical tragedy series centered on complex, sensitive women and their love (other representatives include Wagner’s Tristan, Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. …).

In VNOB’s Paradiso dell’opera, the audience will step into the dream of couple’s happiness through Aria Ah fors’e lui che l’anima with the wonderful Soprano voice of artists To Loan or Duo Parigi o cara talks about the reunion of Alfredo and Violetta through two voices of guest artists: Won Kim- Truong Linh.

Don’t wait any longer! Enjoy the Paradiso dell’opera by VNOB on June, 21st and 22nd at Hanoi Opera House.

Ticket price: 500.000, 800.000, 1.000.000VND

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