Nguyễn Xuân Sơn

Artist Nguyen Xuan Son (stage name SonX) graduated in music (1986-1990) and painting (2002-2007) at Hanoi Academy of Theater and Cinema. Before working in the VNOB (2018), he worked at Vietnam Cheo Theater Vietnam (1992-2007), Vietnam Tuong Theater (2007-2012) and Hanoi Cheo Theater (2012-2017).

He has composed music for many famous works of Vietnam such as Song of prayer (2000), Drought and Rain Vol.1 (2011), Drought and Rain Vol.2 (2005), Flying Line (2008), White Body (2009) choreographed by Director Ea Sola; Life in the box (2007) choreographed by Tran Ly Ly; The soundtrack of How long the raindrops (2003), directed by Doan Minh Phuong.

Works presented at museums and theaters around the world include: Exercises for Percussion No. 1 (1998), Vong Co (2001), Exit (2001), Hell (2002), Truong Chi (2003), A Face No. 2 (2004), Red Exercise (2004), A Face No. 4 (2009), Black Circle (2011), Fall in asleep (2013), Peace (2014), Da Chong Legendary (2014), Loose Border (2014), Broken Tale (2015), Old and Present Vietnamese Sound Culture (2015), Sigh (2016), Two missed Moons (2018)

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