Nguyễn Thị Cần (Ngọc Cần)

Emeritus Nguyen Thi Can (Ngoc Can), born in 1984, graduated at Vietnam Academy of Dance. From 2003, she has been a ballet dancer at the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet.
In 2014, Ngoc Can won the individual gold medal for the First International Dance Festival and was awarded a certificate of merit by the Vietnam Dancing Artist Association for artist of the year who has many achievements in artistic activities.
In 2019, she was awarded the title of Emeritus Artist.
Participating programs:
2009: Dance “Light source”, choreographer People’s Artist Pham Anh Phuong and  People’s Artist Nguyen Hong Phong (won the Gold Medal at the 2009 National Music and Dance Festival)
2014: Soloist in “Firefly Season”, choreographers Duc Toan, Chi Thanh, Thai Son and Phi Long (works participating in the Euro meets Asia in contemporary dance and won gold medal at the First International Dance Festival held in Hue)
2014: Leading actor Vo Thi Sau in the “Immortal moment”, Choreographer People’s artist Pham Anh Phuong, People’s artist Hong Phong and M.A Tuyet Minh- won the First Prize of the Vietnam Dance Artist Association
2003: Ballet “Peter and the Wolf” – The play is part of the Swedish Sida Foundation project that introduces academic arts to young audiences.
2007: Ballet “Fire Bird”, choreographer Lars Anderstam – The dance is in Swedish Sida Foundation in Vietnam
2013: Contemporary dance “Lighting”, choreographer Anna Kojecki- The dance in cooperation between Germany and Vietnam, participated in the 3rd Festival of Contemporary Dance, Euro meets Asia in Contemporary dance festival
2014: Contemporary play “Hanoi star dust”, choreographer Arco Ren. This is a dance built on the cooperation between Germany and Vietnam, participating in the Festival “Euro meets Asia in Contemporary dance festival “, the play was invited to tour in Belgium.
2005: Contemporary dance “Drought and rain”, choreographer Ea Sola Thuy, was touring many European and Asian countries like France, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore …
Ngoc Can has starred in ballet “Raymonda”, “Nut cracker”, “Who care?”, Ballet “Truong Chi”, “Chopiniana”, “La Sylphide”, “Amnesia”, La ventana”,” Graduation Ceremony”, “ Giselle”,“ Rite of Spring”, “Vivaldi”, “Swan Lake”, “West side Story”, “Ancient Love story”, “Scheherazade”, “Spartacus”, “Fire bird”, “the carnival of animals ” Contemporary works “Heart of Silk”, “Bamboo rain”, “The four sacred creatures: dragon- unicorn – turtle- phoenix”; Participated in the opera “Miss Sao” , “Dreams and reality”, “The sculptor “, “Maria de Buenos Aires”, …


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