Emeritus Artist Trần Ly Ly – Director

Tran Ly Ly – Artistic Director, Dancer and Choreographer (1978) is one of the famous and key person in Vietnam Ballet and Contemporary Dance. After graduated in Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2003, she worked as lecturer at Vietnam Dance College and Hochiminh City’s Dance College and became Vice Principal of Hochiminh City, Vietnam until 2018. Now, she is Director of Vietnam National Opera and Ballet.

When she was a dancer, she performed very successfully some works as by famous choreographers in Vietnam as well as abroad as “Saving friend” “Catching coconuts” “Primitive age “, “Paquita”- Greek dance choreographed by Maurice Bejart, “Hello” by Australian choreographer. “Under skin” and “Body armour” of French famous choreographer – Madam Regine Chopinot, “Venus in Hanoi” choreographed by Felix Ruckert from Germany… She attended many international dance and contemporary dances festivals in Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, France, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, German, Poland and recently in Japan and South Korea.She was awarded as the Best Young Talent in Vietnam.

As choreographer, she has made many successful works recognized by Vietnam and international arenas. Some works as “Mother “awarded  as silver medal, “One day” contemporary dance which was chosen to perform at European Day in Vietnam, presented by Germany President in 2007. “Dike” contemporary dance awarded as gold medal, “Living in the box” – a work which marked a respectation in Vietnam. After performing, many people confused the meaning of the piece and also the way of presenting in 2008. In 2012, she created “Zen” and “7X” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuVHFm89LpA). in 2014. In “7X”, she wanted to present a hinge generation between 60’s and 80’s which considered a attractive generation(https://youtu.be/nGpjdO0hLQc). In 2016, she made “the 2nd yes yes no no”, a context of LGBT through a Gay, expressing their espiration to be themselves (https://youtu.be/hyWoMwNzyWM).

She participated in many artistic workshops and seminars in Vietnam and abroad. Some other big choreography pieces are performed at present such as Ionah, Fishermen Show…

Being an artistic director, Emeritus Artist Tran Ly Ly has released many blockbuster works in both classical and modern arts. Some works such as Ballet Swan Lake (2019), all the tickets of 7 nights indoors and 1 night outdoors were sold out, Ballet Nut Cracker (2018), Opera Sculptor (2019), Red Leaves (2019), Maria de Buenos Aires (2018), … Art shows such as Rock Symphony (2020), Around the world (2019)… Contemporary  Dance Borelo and Suite en Blance (2018), The melody of Autumn …

In addition, she also works as an expert, art consultant, director, general director for many huge art performances in Vietnam such as the Vesak Festival 2019, Uncle Ho’s advice before passing away (2019) … Her powerful and passionate way of capturing and leading the problem has brought Vietnam academic arts closer and closer to the public.

Together with dancing, choreographing and directing, she also attends many shows as choreographers and artistic advisor to many big entertainment shows in Vietnam as “Vietnam brainpower” in continuous 3 years of 2005, 2006, 2007, “Doremi” contest for talented kids from 2006 up to now, “Fashion Show”, “Miss Vietnam in the World” ….

More than that, she has been also offered a judge in some contests as “Green Dance”, “So You Think You Can Dance“, “Perfect Dance” and “Passioned Dances”…

In 2019, Emeritus Artist Trần Ly Ly was elected by Forbes as TOP 50 most influential women in Vietnam.

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