Bùi Việt An

Emeritus Artist Bui Viet An, a dancer, was born in 1989 and graduated from the Military University of Arts and Culture. Since then, she has worked at the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet.
Currently, besides performing, she is majoring in Dance Training at Military University of Arts and Culture.
She is the national representative participating in the two festivals of French-speaking countries taking place in Lebanon in 2009 and Ivory Coast 2017.
During the working process at VNOB, she was awarded many titles:
– 2011: Achieved the title of junior emulation soldier for 2 consecutive years (2009-2010)
– 2012: Achieved the title of ministerial-level emulation soldier and the title of “junior emulation soldier” for 3 consecutive years (2009-2011).
– 2016: Certificate of Merit for achievements in Youth Union and Youth Movement of MOCST
In addition, she has also won numerous awards during her career development:
– 2008: Prize B Contest “National talent for dance performance”
– 2009: Gold medal for the nation’s professional music and dance festival “Light source”; The leading role of Thai Girl
– 2013: Prize B Arts Prize “Welcome to a new home”; The female leading role
– 2014: Gold Medal for International Dance Festival with “Firefly season”
– 2014; Prize A Arts Award with”The immortal moment”, main role Vo Thi Sau
– 2015: Special prize ” professional music dance and music festival” with “The immortal moment”; Main role Vo Thi Sau
– 2015; Prize A literary, artistic, journalistic work on the topic of learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s moral example
Dramatic works: “Immortal moment”; Main role Vo Thi Sau
– 2016: Silver medal of “Pyongyang Art Festival” with the work “Joy of the season”; The female leading role
– 2017: “Rite of spring” as the female lead
– 2019: conferred by the State as Emeritus Artist
Artist Bui Viet An has taken on the leading roles of many famous works such as: “Rite of Spring”, “Death and the maiden”, “Nut cracker”, “Giselle”, … In addition, she also participated in major Opera works, such as: “Miss Sao”, “Red Leaves”, “Parzival”, …




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