Argentina Conductor, Martín García León: “Around the world is mix of different pieces of different cultures”

“Around the world” is new season Concert belonging to the chain to celebrate 60 years’ foundation of Vietnam National Opera and Ballet – VNOB.  It is spiritual present of traveling in the spring under the leader of Emeritus Artist Tran Ly Ly – Director of Vietnam Opera and Ballet Theater – VNOB and all artists to audiences in general and Hanoians in particular. After accepting to conduct the concert, Mr. Martín García León agreed to make an interview:

  • Why did you accept the invitation to conduct Around the World?
  • I accepted this wonderful offer for Around the Worldbecause I think the performance will show people in Hà Nội how the music can be so wonderful, so emotive, energetic and enjoyable no matter what part of the world one is in. We can show a little bit of very different cultures and I think that is magical. That’s why the project come to my attention. I always wanted to conduct on the Asian continent to learn more about your culture, to try to learn about your language and to communicate with each other through the music. I think the way to make music more exciting in Vietnam and in Argentina is very different. We both can learn from each other new ways to make this special art.

  • Have you ever attended any programme like this in Vietnam?
  • No, I have not had the pleasure before, but I cannot express my happiness at being in Vietnam for the first time and having the honour to conduct VNOB at the Hanoi Opera House.
  • What do you think of the show you will perform with VNOB?
  • I think Around the Worldis an excellent idea for opening the season of a theatre. We can show a mix of different pieces of different cultures and all have a great time – the audience of Hanoi, the VNOB musicians and me. It’s going to be a beautiful night full of happiness and fireworks. I like the programme very much.
  • Which part of Around the Worldis most impressive?
  • I think the most impressive piece in Around the Worldis the overture of Ruslan and Ludmila of Glinka. It has so much energy that it made me jump on the podium as much as Dvorak’s Slavonic Dance No 8. They have so much energy that it is impossible to me not is moved by these works.

  • As young conductor, what do you think about the symphonic music scene? Are there any obstacles to its development and what are the solutions?
  • As far as my country and all of Latin America are concerned, there is an economic crisis. Symphonic orchestra now is facing many obstacles. The most of the orchestras depend on the state or a ministry of culture. The number of artists making a living from the orchestras is shrinking because of the unstable policies of the states. A solution that I can propose is to find private investors who want orchestras in Argentina or Latin America not to depend too much on the state in this time of crisis. I do hope orchestras can find an international investor.
  • What will you say about the show to audiences?
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this amazing concert. You will laugh, cry and be touched in different ways by the music and so much more. We are going to have the ballet and choir of VNOB as well as the singers.
  • We have it all in just one concert. It is full of good energy and happiness, and all this is for the audience of Việt Nam. You would honour VNOB and me with your friendly presence.
  • Thank you and wish you and VNOB a great successful “Around the world”

Tuyet Hoa

Martín García León was born in 1990 in General Roca city, a small city located at the North of Patagonia Argentina.He started his interest on music from a very early age and begins his formal studying on piano at the age of 14 years old at I.U.P.A. (Institutouniversitariopatagónico de lasartes).  And got a Bachelor degree in OrchestralConducting.During five years in Buenos Aires Martín García León was assistant conductor at Camerata Santa Cecilia, conducts on several occasions the “Carlos Bertazza” symphony orchestra, and participates on several concerts along his country. In 2018, he was conducting the Saint Petersburg Symphony Orchestra and at the festival of contemporary music Disat Terra music festival organized by the Fundación Antiqua Nova in Choele Choel (Argentinian Patagonia) making the world premiere of several works of Mariano Etkin, Cecilia Villanueva, and Jose Sciarrino between others And he has recently back to Argentina from Cusco Peru where he gives a Materclass about Orchestral conducting been an honorific invited by the Universidad Nacional Diego QuispeTIto, and arranged a concert with the Symphonic orchestra of cusco for 2020 season.

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